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Oct 07, 2009

Presenting at Ontario GNU Linux Fest 2009

I'll be filling in for Brian Leonard and speaking at this year's event (as Brian has another engagement), on October 24, 2009.

We just firmed up the plans and I will be speaking in Brian's stead , as Brian is already presenting at the Florida Linux Show on the same date: 

This is at the kick-off event of Open Source Week in Toronto . I'm looking forward to the event and the opportunity to speak on OpenSolaris!

Here's my speaker link:

Everyone that can make it to the 'Fest should, very cool stuff.

Sep 30, 2009

Toronto Opensolaris @ Linux Fest

Plan to be there!

Hi all,

A heads up: Saturday, 24 October 2009 (plus additional fun stuff on the Friday night previous and Sunday following)
Check out: ; check here: for the directions ; and here for about:
Anyone that plans (or can) to attend this is a very cool event and we, <TOROSUG> will be there. I'd like anyone that has the cycles and can pitch in with us to rsvp me.
Looking forward to this!


Steven Acres
Toronto OpenSolaris User Group <TOROSUG>

Sep 25, 2009

Global OSUG Leaders Conference Call

AKA here comes the Sun

We had a great conference call early this morning. For the OSUG leaders unaware of these calls, here's how it works: We set a date and have 2 calls at different times. We've been rotating these through various times of the day to give leaders in different timezones a chance to chime in. For example, we had today @ at 12am Friday, 2009-09-25 UTC and another at 7am UTC. The call-in numbers (toll-free) are provided by Sun via Teresa Giacomini. We had leaders from Australia, Japan, US, Germany and Canada present. We hold the calls simultaneously with our IRC channel irc:// (which translates to: #opensolaris-ugs on
Discussions have included: topics for group meetings, live video linking between Adelaide and Japan group meetings, ways to promote & build groups, special events and more. Contact me for more info: Steven Acres, [email protected]. Join in!