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Sep 25, 2009

Global OSUG Leaders Conference Call

AKA here comes the Sun

We had a great conference call early this morning. For the OSUG leaders unaware of these calls, here's how it works: We set a date and have 2 calls at different times. We've been rotating these through various times of the day to give leaders in different timezones a chance to chime in. For example, we had today @ at 12am Friday, 2009-09-25 UTC and another at 7am UTC. The call-in numbers (toll-free) are provided by Sun via Teresa Giacomini. We had leaders from Australia, Japan, US, Germany and Canada present. We hold the calls simultaneously with our IRC channel irc:// (which translates to: #opensolaris-ugs on
Discussions have included: topics for group meetings, live video linking between Adelaide and Japan group meetings, ways to promote & build groups, special events and more. Contact me for more info: Steven Acres, Join in!

Aug 30, 2009

Google Calendar & Thunderbird 'Lightning'

I was tired of accessing google calendar via browser to amend external calendars which were read-only in Thunderbird Lightning .. seems I'm in luck as there's an extension which enables google calendar for Thunderbird.

I'm blogging on this since I use Thunderbird as my email/calendar client on OpenSolaris (it's the default anyway).

It's easy to enable bi-directional integration of Google Calendar within Thunderbird Lightning, so here it is.

1. I'll save you abit of a chase, download the Google Calendar Provider is here:

2. Now that you have d/l'd the extension, open from Thunderbird: Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > (bottom left corner Install), which will provide you with a window to select the location you downloaded to, select it and you're done installing, other than the restart. On to step 3., the configuration.

3. Now you can add your Google Calendar by going to Calendar > Add new calendar > (select the On the Network radio button) > (select the Google Calendar radio button) and enter the location, which will be the ical link of your google calendar. You will be prompted for your login information.

You should be good to go, go ahead and make a test calendar entry from Lighting and check your Google Calendar via a browser for the test entry.

Dec 27, 2008

Facebook, bah!

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Do I really need to know every little thing in a person's day? Nope!

Communications and the dissemination of information have certainly come far. Too far in many instances, such as facebook. I've always found the service to be buggy and more annoying than it's worth. To my friends and family, I do value our relationships but do not need to know the smallest details of your day, day in and out.

I don't want to virtual water any virtual plants, or play any silly games. I do want to delete my facebook account (which I have now de-activated .. there is no link to 'delete' it, I have to send them an email to do so.) Enough said.