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Sep 24, 2009

OpenSolaris Virtualbox Guest and NFS

Quick notes regarding nfs mounting from an OpenSolaris VBox guest.

I came up against an issue mounting via nfs from a Linux host to an OpenSolaris virtualbox guest (see this post for automounting nfs on OpenSolaris). Checking the host's logs revealed the issue: mountd:  [...] refused mount request [..] illegal port.

This is seemingly caused due to the natted connection between guest and host. Adding (insecure) in the host's /etc/exports line for this export enabled the guest to successfully mount the nfs share.

Jul 24, 2009

Automount NFS OpenSolaris

A few notes on automounting from Linux server to OpenSolaris clients.


Recently setting up a few Opensolaris NFS clients served from Linux exports, I encountered an error:

Jul 24 13:02:53 nfs: [ID 435675 kern.warning] 
WARNING: NFS server initial call to failed: Not owner

To fix this, I added entries on the NFS clients like so within /etc/auto_master (unchanged) & /etc/auto_direct files:

/-  	/etc/auto_direct
/data		-onosuid,vers=3