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Sep 11, 2009

OpenSolaris b122 and ATI sb600/700 ahci

Updating OpenSolaris b121 to b122 results in kernel panic (NOTICE: spa_import_rootpool: error 5)

Upgrading to the b122 bits on my laptop resulted in a kernel panic and reboots upon boot attempt. See this bug:

My work-around for this is to boot into my working BE (b121) and do the following:

beadm mount b122 /mnt

copy from /kernel to /mnt/kernel these bits:


and these:



bootadm update-archive -R /mnt

My system then booted successfully to b122.

Aug 06, 2009

HP dv7 1245ca Bios Flash OpenSolaris

Having only OpenSolaris on this machine I needed a way of flashing the bios with an update.

Before I proceed any further; flashing your bios incorrectly/incompletely CAN and most likely WILL render your machine useless. The information which I am providing worked/works on my specific machine. 

Now to the task at hand. Having only OpenSolaris on this machine and wishing to update my bios firmware I had two choices:

  • use a recovery disc I made after purchase, which would entail installing Vista for the sole purpose of this procedure
  • use a usb stick with the needed bin on it and flash from that

I chose the latter and here's how I did it:


  1. Download the spXXXXX.exe from hp site
  2. unpack the .exe using cabextract
  3. rename the extension from xxxx.FD to  xxxx.BIN  /* x = the alphanumeric string proceeding the extension */
  4. insert USB key ; cp xxxx.BIN /media ; umount /media  ; shutdown
  5. Remove the battery from the unit
  6. Unplug mains
  7. Hold down 'Windows' and 'B' keys ; re-plug mains and press power button
  8. After the flash completes and before the machine starts, remove the USB key
  9. Done

Apr 15, 2009


Installing OpenSolaris ..

I recently installed OpenSolaris (the first attempts were using the current release, which was quite buggy, I managed with OpenSolaris 2009.06 snv_111 X86) on my HP dv 7-1245ca.

A few notes are:

  • the livecd as well as the hard drive install booted with a squelching white noise, I appended "-B disable-audiohd=true" to the grub boot line.
  • This laptop has an ATI 3200 HD video card, which works with the radeonhd driver 1.2.4. To enable I shutdown GDM and ran Xorg -configure then restarted X/GDM.
  • Both the wired and wifi network interfaces work well.



Apr 08, 2009

New Laptop

I recently bought an HP dv 7-1245ca laptop..

HP dv 7-1245ca

The specs are here for this machine. I am currently running Ubuntu 9.04, the development version of Ubuntu. I also run virtualbox on it with Opensolaris 2008.06 as the guest O/S ... I haven't had a chance to work out some issues precluding installation of OSOL as a dual-boot option.