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Apr 22, 2009

Trailer Park Boys Oshawa Show

On April 16 I attended the Trailer Park Boys Community Service Show

The show was well attended and quite funny. The Trailer Park Boys is a hit Canadian tv show (see link). They are currently on tour with their live show under the premise of being sentenced to perform a show warning of the dangers of drug use.

There are a few audience participation portions in the show, one of which is a 'shredding' contest. I was in the front row and got picked for this. Below are some photos.

Me Shreddin 2 TPB show

Myself & Julian Onstage TPB showMe Shreddin 2 TPB show



The show took place Thursday, April 16, 2009 at the GM Center, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Apr 15, 2009


Installing OpenSolaris ..

I recently installed OpenSolaris (the first attempts were using the current release, which was quite buggy, I managed with OpenSolaris 2009.06 snv_111 X86) on my HP dv 7-1245ca.

A few notes are:

  • the livecd as well as the hard drive install booted with a squelching white noise, I appended "-B disable-audiohd=true" to the grub boot line.
  • This laptop has an ATI 3200 HD video card, which works with the radeonhd driver 1.2.4. To enable I shutdown GDM and ran Xorg -configure then restarted X/GDM.
  • Both the wired and wifi network interfaces work well.



Toronto OpenSolaris User Group

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Myself and Peter Wu recently partnered to form the Toronto OpenSolaris user group


Finally the Toronto OpenSolaris User Group is now a reality!

Myself and Peter Wu partnered and we hope all in the Toronto/.GTA region will take part. Here's the link:

Toronto OpenSolaris

Apr 08, 2009

New Laptop

I recently bought an HP dv 7-1245ca laptop..

HP dv 7-1245ca

The specs are here for this machine. I am currently running Ubuntu 9.04, the development version of Ubuntu. I also run virtualbox on it with Opensolaris 2008.06 as the guest O/S ... I haven't had a chance to work out some issues precluding installation of OSOL as a dual-boot option.