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Aug 12, 2008

Plone Products

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As we become more familiar with Plone 3 one thing stands out: the 'package management system' has no standardization

Various install/build tools such as easy_install, paster, buildout .. grokking {README,INSTALL}.txt and performing manual steps. Products should always have quality documented install procedures at point of issue. covers most of this, yet the conformance should already be in place at the time of Plone 3 stable. Back-porting of packages to that end should also be a reachable goal.

If Plone is to gain wider adoption these would be the stumbling blocks to that end for many organizations.

Aug 10, 2008

Blog on

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My previous post/test utilizing quillsremote and scribefire to post to my blog space obviously succeeded. I really should be posting my Plone 3 virtualhosting and Apache2 webserver gateway guide now. But tired I am. Stay tuned for that guide, as well as some Plone 3 easy tips (customization etc.)
All in, this is a much preferred method of blog posting.

Aug 09, 2008

No sense

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Google adsense site down page saved for posterity

Remote Blogging

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Testing the quills.remote blogging api via scribefire (Firefox 3 extension). If this posts to my blog then success.